Suicide Prevention Initiative in Spartanburg!

Mental Fitness has teamed up with the Suicide Prevention Office (SC Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative or SCYSPI) to create the Spartanburg Suicide Prevention Initiative, servicing all Spartanburg schools and colleges.

The program is led and directed by Taylor Davis, Ed.S., who is the School Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator through the Department of Mental Health in Columbia.  Funded through SAMHSA and following national best practice standards, Mental Fitness is working directly with the team in Columbia to provide the following for Spartanburg County schools and universities:

  • a county wide task force (a committee under the United Way of the Piedmont’s Behavioral Health Task Force) comprised of more than 40 participants from each school district, college and community agency working to reduce child and adolescent suicide losses in our county
  • a 4 hour symposium “tour” in schools with our partners at SCYSPI and The Forrester Center for Behavioral Health
  • a train-the-trainer initiative for our county, designed and led through our task force
  • comprehensive training using evidence-based models and curricula
  • mindfulness based stress reduction for classroom educators, as a primary prevention tool and resilience builder
  • online tools and resources through the Sharpen tech platform